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Fixed Asset Register (FAR)

Lillian M and Associates Specialize in Fixed Asset Register (FAR)
Fixed assets are those such as land, machines, office equipment, buildings, patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. held for the purpose of production of goods or rendering of services and are not held for the purpose of sale in the ordinary course of business.
Fixed assets constitute a major chunk of the total assets in the case of all manufacturing entities. Even in the case of service entities such as hotels, banks, financial institutions, insurers, mobile / telephone service providers etc. it has become imperative to invest heavily in furnishing, equipment, and technology to attract, and retain customers.
It is important for a business entity to have a list of its fixed assets.

Payroll Services

Lillian M and Associates provides a complete payroll service. Administering a payroll can be time consuming and becomes all the more complex due to the increasing regulations with regards to employment legislation and taxation. more

Other Accounting Services

Our team of experienced accountants manages small and medium entities bookkeeping services that facilitate the smooth and successful function of our clients business. Our automated processes increase effectiveness and lower your costs, therefore permitting our client to invest more in other value added components of the business. more

Taxation and Indirect Taxes


Lillian M and Associates is committed in keeping up to date with the constant changing tax environment in order to provide you with the best advice possible. more

Preparation of Financial Statements

Annual financial statements need to be prepared for all types of entities. Typical users of financial statements include the members, financial institutions (banks) and the South African Revenue Services. Our qualified accountants ensure that annual financial statements are prepared in the prescribed manner and in terms of the relevant accounting practices. more

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