Meet The Team



Thabang started his career back in 2007. He first opened up Zola Bin Wash in his community. This entailed cleaning the communities bins on a weekly basis and he would charged a monthly for his services. This proved to be a successful initiative with a total of 178 bins being washed. The entrepreneurial spirit never left Thabang.

During his first year in UNISA he wanted to better his income. He started selling dish washing liquids and car cleaning materials. He started selling his merchandise to schools, clinics, Metrorail and door to door. This venture also proved to be successful. Thabang had found his passion. Entrepreneurship.

He started focusing on developing himself so he could develop upcoming entrepreneurs. He did this through various seminars and workshops.

Through these workshops he found that many small businesses did not understand BEE codes or the need to have a BEE rating. To service these small businesses Thabang was a founding member of MZA-BEE Consulting.

He is currently completing his Marketing degree. Whilst studying he still finds time to host a show on Thetha FM, where he informs listeners on the various ways to market their businesses. He also mentors the Emdeni Skills Development Centre.  Through this partnership he has assisted 12 entrepreneurs with their start ups and turned them into successful businesses.

Thabangs passion is evident in all he does hence he lives by the motto “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”

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